DelftTech BV participation in the project terminated on 14 December 2018.

DelftTech BV was founded in 1999. Its main business is focussed around the use of 3D laserscanning to get so called ‘as built’ data. Amongst forensics, working areas are: Civil Engineering and infrastructure, Architecture, Petrochemical/Processing Industry, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Shipbuilding, etc. Activities/techniques are: 3D laserscanning/360 photography, 3D modelling, 3D Virtual Reality, 3D Augmented Reality and 3D serious gaming.
DelftTech BV deals with acquiring 3D data from crime scenes, 3D analysis of that data, developing dedicated 3D forensics analysis tools. The software that has been developed since 2004 is based on the idea of getting more 3D sensor information into one 3D image or model. It is called Visual Sensor Fusion software. All the developed software is a result of an active role on actual crime scenes in assisting several justice related departments. The main program is called PointForce. It is a 3D point cloud viewer that enables you to ‘walk’ around like a game in the point cloud. This enables you to analyse lines of sight and bullet trajectories quickly, do all sorts of measurements, add/remove colour information from photographs, add/remove other 2D or 3D sensor information in space, add annotations and hyperlinks to other documents, add/remove surveillance camera’s, make movies of the 3D information, etc.

The second software developed by DelftTech is 3D Suspect Measurement. With this successful and widely used software tool one can determine very accurate the body length of a suspect caught on surveillance cameras.

The third software tool, already tested in 2006, is 3D Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. With this tool a Bloodstain Pattern expert can do all his stringing in 3D automatic and perform a 3D analysis to calculate the region of impact in space. Nowadays DelftTech is focussing more on getting the crime scene with the right sensor data (measurements) in 3D in court and facilitates several forensic evidences to be shown in a 3D serious gaming method.

DelftTech BV was involved in several case investigations over the last years, i.e. full 3D investigation in the cold case (in the year 1584!) of the murder on Prince William of Orange.